Use the format below to write your submission. 


1. What woman in your life experienced a crisis?
2. What was the crisis? How did she handle it?
3. What impact did her crisis have on you?
4. What cause did that black woman’s crisis create in you?

Who/What (1 & 2)

My parents divorced when I was young. After my dad left, I was able to see how fragile my mother was. Under the weight of now being a single mother caring for four small children, my mother crumbled. She became addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

Impact (3)
As the oldest male, I felt it was my responsibility to become the man of the house. I was only a teenager and unable to get a real job. So, I became a gang member. I began stealing in order to take care of what I felt was my responsibility. Eventually, I got caught and am now serving time in prison.

Cause (4)
Now, while I wait to be released, I spend my time planning ways to help young boys and girls stay out of the juvenile and prison system.