In The Shadow Of A Soldier

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V. Vample

Black Women In Crisis proudly present Author V. Vample as the 2022 featured author!

As a woman, sometimes we tend to fall into the shadow of the one we adore. We get caught up in pleasing everyone else and forget about taking care of ourselves. We neglect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We become the shadow of an individual, never realizing we are not whole anymore - only a silhouette in the dark.

V. Vample spent most of her career doing what she loves, educating young children.

Initially serving as a Preschool Administrator for over fifteen years, she later worked part-time as a substitute teacher in the Public School System.

In addition to educating children, another passion for V. Vample was writing. Even as a child, she spent countless hours making up stories for book reports and always excelling in them.

“Everyone’s life is a story,” Vample stresses, “and that there is always a lesson that can be shared.”

The North Carolina native is the mother of six and grandmother of eight.

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In the Shadow of a Soldier is the story of a young army wife and mother.

Brought up in a Christian home where women were taught to ‘stay married no matter what,’ this young wife and mother struggle to find her identity amidst the challenges of being a good wife and desiring a close relationship with God.

Believing that her faith was not enough to get her through her trials and that God had forgotten about her, she decides to ‘lean to her own understanding’ but quickly learns that was not the best way.

Finally, she learns to put her total trust in God, and not only does she make it through, but she does so victoriously!

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